Kufukula means Run Like the Wind in the local Kimbundu language.

I'm a master runner, currently in the 50-55 age group and in 2018-2019 I won the Tokyo Marathon, the Berlin Marathon and the New York City Marathon, running a world leading time of 2:26:10 in the process. A marathon PB at age 51.

My home is in Luanda, Angola, Africa, and I coach runners worldwide, drawing on my experience in becoming one of the world's top age group marathon runners.

Kufukula is my running coaching project and it has two different sides to it.

As a USATF Level 2 Endurance certified coach, I guide distance running to reach their goals, whether it be running a park run or going for a PB in a marathon major.

The other side of Kufukula has to do with the state of the local running scene and athletics in general here in Luanda. Angolan athletics is like most things here poorly funded and even more poorly organized.

Part of my earnings for paying customers go towards coaching local runners who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a coach. Together with a few other groups, we aim to put Angolan athletes back on the international scene.

Feel free to contact me for more details, coaching pricing, information about the social side of Kufukula or how you can contribute.